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Soak in Landmannalaugar hot pool

The word Landmannalaugar translates as the “People’s Pool”, referring to the long history of travelers enjoying the benefits of this warm oasis in the middle of nowhere.

Iceland’s most famous hiking trail leads within thrilling landscapes of steaming hot springs, black lava fields, and picturesque mountains, black deserts, and moss-painted oases.

Geothermally active Landmannalaugar Valley are beautiful hot springs where you can take a dip in a natural hot spring before starting a hike. From the corner of the Laugahraun lava field, several hot water streams spring up and become mixed with some cold water sources to create a warm river. These warm pool in Landmannalaugar is an ideal bathing place all year round with temperature that remains around 36–40ºC (96.8–104ºF) even in the middle of the snowy winter.

Even though the huts in Landmannalaugar are open all year round, the rest of the huts on the trail are closed during the winter.



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