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Hike to Road of 52 Tunnels

The Strada delle 52 Gallerie (Road of 52 Tunnels) is a military mule road built during World War I by the Italian Army and civilian workers. The road with 52 tunnels was built in 1916-17 and now is a favorite hiking route (no bikes allowed). It's quite a way off the tourist circuit but a fun walk with a difference. You can walk and explore as many of the tunnels as you like (we got to the 16th one). You can drive the car right to the start of the walk (there is a big memorial to the soldiers who built the road). Torch advisable for the longest tunnel (the 'cork-screw') and side explorations (your cell phone "flash light" should suffice). It's quite steep. The road there (and back or onwards) is also an experience/joy in its own right. Do it when the weather is clear so you can enjoy the magnificent views. The hike is anything from 1 hour upwards but getting there will take some time.


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