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Spend a day at China Beach

China Beach is facing the north and it features stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The beach is used as a campsite by the Chinese fisherman during the Gold Rush times. The beach is mesmerizing and the beach has a calmer surf than the Baker Beach or Ocean Beach. The beach can be accessed by long, steep stairs or a sloping, paved path. You are also going to find elegant mansions of the super-rich Sea Cliff neighborhood which looks down over the beach.


The best thing that you can do at China Beach is to go swimming and some people consider the only San Francisco beach that is suitable for swimming. You are also going to find strong warnings about the rip tides and currents. The beach does not have a lifeguard and you should not count on any while you are on the beach. If you visit on a sunny day, you can try out sunbathing activities. If you visit during the windy period, you can head to the small deck located on top of the lifeguard equipment pick-up station.

During the low tide, you can then stroll from the China Beach to Baker Beach and you are going to find animals like anemones, starfish, and mussels which clings to the rocky crevices of the cliffs. It is best to check the tide tables at the NOAA website so that you do not get stuck while exploring the beach.

While you are on the beach, you should make sure that you play games on the beach or you can stroll around the beach. You should also make sure that you take a camera so as to take Instagram-worthy pictures. It will also come handy if you plan to stay till half an hour after sunset as you will enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding.


Getting there:


China beach is located at Sea Cliff neighborhood. If you are coming from El Camino del Mar, you can follow the brown signs which say Public Beach to get there. You can use 455 Sea Cliff Avenue as your guide if you are driving to the beach. You should also pay attention that the sign is Sea Cliff, not Seacliff.

There is limited parking space in China Beach and less than 40 spots are available. It is best if you can simply take the local municipal transit and then get off the bus at Lincoln/Camino del Mar and 25th Avenue. You can walk west to get to the beach. You can also take bus #1 to California and 30th Avenue and walk north to the beach.

Things to know

•The beach has free entrance fees and parking fees and you can also make use of the showers and restrooms provided on the beach.

•You are not going to find a snack bar or a place where you can eat on the beach. It is best to take some picnic goodies and things that you can eat with you. Glass containers, alcohol, and fires are also not allowed on the beach. Pets are also not allowed on the beach.

•Swimming can be dangerous on the beach due to the strong currents.



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