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Spend a day at Tembeling beach

Off the beaten path and away from the tourist hot spots you may enjoy the adventure of Tembeling Beach, Natural Pools and Tembeling Forest. This is one of Nusa Penida’s best-kept secrets with its crystal clear natural sweet water pool on the west side of the island.

Once you get here you can discover the hidden cave and secret beach just a short of a 2-minute walk from the blue lagoon through the Tembeling Forest.

There are hundreds of carefully crafted rock sculptures scattered across the beach on the other end of the cave.

Right before you get to Tembeling Beach there is a freshwater jacuzzi pool that the locals have creatively built on the edge of the cliffs.

There is a rocky reef on the shoreline of Tembeling Nusa Penida and there a number of tidal pools to take a dip in but swimming in the waves here is definitely not recommended. Also, there is a fun swing for you to et on and enjoy the view.  From beginning to the end you will be able to have a fun, stress-free day



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