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Spend an Afternoon Among the Blankenese Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks always transmit an eerie feeling, especially if there is one standing alone or sunk underwater. Most people have melancholic feelings when visiting those sites, as shipwrecks usually involve loss of lives. However, there is one of those sites, Blankenese, that has a bunch of shipwrecks close to each other, so the entire setting looks almost like an intentional shipwreck exhibition. 

The first of many shipwrecks in the area dates from October 20th, 1926. It was a Finnish ship named Polstjernan that was cruising along the Kiel-Canal at the moment when its engine exploded, and the entire ship caught fire as it was transporting wood. 

A rescue ship dragged the Polstjernan to the Elbe River, west of Hamburg's harbor, where it still stands today. It was weighted with stones and turned into a breakwater that we can still see today. If you are a shipwreck enthusiast, you can even climb on top of it at low tide, without getting your feet wet. Professional photographers from the area are especially intrigued by this extraordinary site, so if you are one of them, think about visiting Germany soon. 

As I mentioned before, the Polstjernan is not alone, and it enjoys the company of the Uwe ship that sunk in 1975, and World War II submarine pieces. The Uwe ship colided against Wiedau coaster, and it can be seen today between the Polstjernan and the Lighthouse of Blankenese. 

By using Hamburg public transport, you can easily reach the beach of Blankenese, and spend an afternoon walking among shipwrecks and learn more about the history of the region. 

If you are in the movie industry, consider turning Blankenese shipwrecks into your shooting set. 

The entire area is worth visiting, especially if you are already in Hamburg and have an afternoon to spend. Good luck! 



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