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Chill by Spiaggia Rosa Pink Beach

Do NOT belive the overly exposed photoshoped pink beach however Spiaggia Rosa is one of the few places on the planet with pink sand. As a result, it is one of the most unique and paradisiacal spots on the Italian Mediterranean. Spiaggia Rosa's brilliant color comes from a concoction of crushed fossils, crystals, coral, and dead marine creatures that blend together to tint the sand with a rosy blush. 

When it comes to protecting Budelli's pink sand, the Italian government is not messing around. When New Zealand banker Michael Harte attempted to establish an eco-friendly resort and biological observatory on the island in 2013, the Italian government responded by blocking its proposal in an effort to preserve the environment. Hopefully, with such efforts, Budelli's pink sand will not wash away for a long time. 


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