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Spruce Knob

Spruce Knob itself offers a great view and a nice little hike around the highest point in WV. The lake is also beautiful and has a very well maintained easy hike around it (I think it was 2 miles long). Spruce Knob Campground was perfect - there may not be any running water to shower with (or flush the toilets with), but the camping experience was fantastic. We had a walk in site and only had one neighbor that was remotely close to us. Things to know before you go...the nearest town is an hour down the mountain. You will get no cell phone service in that town. We didn't start to get service back until about two hours after we left the campground on our way home. They do have potable water available at the campground. One park ranger makes rounds in a golf cart a view times a day. For biking it's best to have shuttle to top then park at Walk In Campground. Nice, technical downhill with challenging terrain and drop offs. Count on a few hours even without shuttle. Epic without shuttle, and the road is dusty, dirty. Watch for cow-pies near the campground, they are slippery.


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