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St. Vrain Creek fly fishing

The area is blessed with splendid views of Longs Peak and other Front Range mountains. Wildlife abounds (including big horn sheep). Some areas can be crowded, but if you're willing to hike you can easily avoid seeing any other anglers. This area, west of Boulder and Lyons, is home to small-stream fishing. Although the St. Vrain gets to be decent sized by the time the its tributaries merge, the mountain creeks are quite narrow running thru canyons. Most of the creek beds are filled with large boulders, tumbled down from the walls above.. Be wary when fishing in spring or summer. Spring run-off can be large, and summer can produce flash floods. However, these creeks abound with small pools which hold browns, rainbows, and cutthroats. Though they may not be large in size, these fish present a challenge - release them for another day's fishing.


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