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Stokksnes Vatnajokull National Park

Vestrahorn on the Stokksnes peninsula is one of the most striking mountains in Iceland. Through cliffs escalating from the sides of a stunning lagoon, and black sand beaches all from place to place Vestrahorn & Stokksnes are located about 45km east. Although Iceland has four seasons, it might not seem like that when you visit, it is notoriously unpredictable. However, you’ll be pleased to know that, unlike many people think, the sun certainly does shine and in summer temperatures can reach 17°C. On the other hand, during the winter months, you can expect misty spells, plenty of rain and chilly temperatures. Propitiously for you, Vestrahorn bids a fantastic picture in all seasons. Stokksnes is not outlying from the town of Hofn also it has an amazing black ash beach, with stunning golden dunes that are enhanced within the low light conditions of the golden hours. It’s a very special place for anyone, and more so for any landscape photographer whether you’re an amateur or a pro.

You’ll experience that the hypnotizing sound of the ocean as the wave’s crash against the black beach with the wind blowing through the dunes is nothing short but, heavenly. The weather can change in no time as it’ll only take a few minutes, totally transforming the landscape and atmosphere right in front of your eyes. This is the vast dramatic landscape where the atmosphere changes by the hour are remarkably mesmerizing as Mother Nature shows of all her beauty. After paying your visits to the mountain, pass through the interesting and photogenic 2009 Viking village film set which was created for Icelandic film director Baltasar Kormakúr. 

Geographically, the East is one of the firstborn parts of Iceland, and this, composed with its colorful rock forms and semi-precious stones, makes it a paradise for specialists and the less scientifically-minded alike. Typical for the region are the fog banks which can suddenly, but softly drift in from the sea, sometimes staying just off the coastline, or resting at different levels up against the slopes, before suddenly disappearing.



From Reykjavík take Route 1 (Thorvegur) from Reykjavik, after 451km you will see the turning point to Höfn on Route 99 (Hafnavegur). Make sure you stick to the road's left side and follow Route 1. Take the signposted road from South to Stokksnes radar station after about 7km. The Viking Cafe and the mountain are coming into view soon. Get ready for your camera! 


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