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Stroll aound Tourkovounia

Tourkovounia is located quite a few miles from the city center, and a considerable distance from most of the traditional sites of Athens.

In comparison, the distance between Tourkouvounia and nearby Mount Lykavittos is roughly the same as the walking distance between Mount Lykavittos and the Acropolis, which is almost 2.5 miles.

Since Tourkovounia is a bit off of the beaten path for visitors to Athens, many people stick to the traditional hills such as Mount Lykavittos.

The expansive park has many fountains and squares as well as several beautiful plants native to the Mediterranean climate. The view from the top of the most accessible hill is very revealing: all of Athens is offered to you and depending on your position on the hill (maybe from the well known café Zeppelin) you will be able to see from the sea to the northern suburbs and from Petroupolis to Ymittos.

It was built to honor the heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821, many of which are honored with marble busts.

The closest metro station to the park is Victoria Station on the Green Line.



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