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Stroll around Botanical Garden of the City Prague

Located in the neighboring to the Prague Zoo, in the Troja basin, the grounds of the botanical garden are situated on the right bank of the Vltava river near Troja Castle.

The most famous part of this garden is the Fata Morgana greenhouse. There is also St. Claire’s vineyard which is thought to be built around the 13th century is protected by heritage sites which is a monument to the history of Prague viticulture. The garden also includes an outdoor exhibition including vineyards and Japanese gardens. 

The botanical garden not only serves as a learning center for the public but also is a scientific site dealing with the subjects such as protecting natural sites of some of the rarest plants and maintaining the variety of the plant kinds and varieties.

A whole day is best, to explore the various themes, camping point/play areas for children and an appreciation of the setting and the views over Prague (which has a Plaque itemizing the various points of interest). Also, an Indian Village and an artist drawing area, where you can try your hand at landscape drawing, etc, if you choose, amongst other interesting facts and gate entry points which is automated, with your ticket sections.


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