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Stroll around Kekova Island

Little known are the islands of Turkey, as some coastal resorts but of the Anatolian peninsula are much more famous. But the Prince Islands are the example that in this country so varied there are also islands in which to relax and disconnect from life in the big cities and that they are a good getaway in the middle of our trip through Turkey.

One of those dream islands is that of Kekova. To get there you can take the ferry, but without a doubt the best method is to take a traditional Turkish wooden boat, called Gület, very common in the famous Lycian Coast.

This island is located just an hour from the city of Kas, which is where the boats leave to reach our island destination. People speak of an island surrounded by very calm waters and a beautiful turquoise blue tone. In the surroundings of the island they seem dozens of small uninhabited islets, but that house archaeological remains of more than 3,000 years old. Many of them can be visited.

Kekova is the island that has the greatest extension of this area called Costa Licia. They consider it a true paradise on planet Earth.

It has a small port, with wooden docks and humble but charming stone houses. In this area you will find a handful of openings and restaurants where you can get a chance to mix with the locals. There is a circumstance that the island has few inhabitants and all are of a fairly advanced age. Many young people, in effect, have decided to emigrate in search of better working conditions in large cities such as Istanbul or Ankara. But the elders who inhabit the island treasure a popular wisdom and hospitality that the visitor will return in love with this dream island and its people.



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