Stroll around the Eze


AWAYN IMAGE Stroll around the Eze
AWAYN IMAGE Stroll around the Eze
AWAYN IMAGE Stroll around the Eze
AWAYN IMAGE Stroll around the Eze
AWAYN IMAGE Stroll around the Eze

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Wandering the streets of Eze is the greatest joy of visiting this village. The charming narrow medieval streets are crammed with souvenir shops, small restaurants,  cafes, galleries, and boutiques. 

Eze-sur-Mer is a small beach below the hill where you can walk down to it using the Sentier Friedrich-Nietzche. There's also an 18th-century baroque church and a modest 14th-century Chapelle des Penitents-Blancs which you can visit.

Your jaw will drop at the beautiful landscape of the Mediterranean from Eze, a lovely hilltop town on the Cote d'Azur. Its beautiful cobblestone streets and hot-pink bougainvillea are a far cry from the charm of Cannes or St-Tropez—and for travelers who could care less about celebrities and megayachts, that's quite appealing. 

Visitors are also drawn to the two famous perfume factories, Galimard and Fragonard. With a significant presence in the region, these two establishments contend for tourists, each offering free tours of their perfume factories, explanations of perfume-making, and only a little sales pressure to buy their products. 

If you're after relaxation, peaceful country walks, beautiful architecture, and opportunities for cultural immersion on your next trip across the pond, consider cutting down some of your city time and head out to a village instead. 


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