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Stroll around the Saint-Paul de Vence

Saint-Paul de Vence is a  fortified hilltop village full of art galleries, boutiques, and sidewalk cafes, which a stroll through its winding streets reveals beautiful monuments, stone walls, vineyards, and sculptures hidden in the walls. 

When you enter the village, you are in a magical place of cobblestoned streets and amazing shops that contain art, clothes, souvenirs, soaps, spices almost anything you could dream of, so go ahead and walk-in any direction, and you'll find yourself an incredible view. Move to the south, and you'll find the stairs to the sight of a beautiful graveyard, surrounding mountains, and hills. Here you will find Marc Chagall's grave; he was one of the many artists in this part of the world who made their home. On the west side at Bastion St Remy, you can see the sea. You can see the snow-covered Alps on one side from this hilltop eyrie, and the glittering Mediterranean Sea on the other. In the distance, there are fantastic views of the mountains and the Mediterranean sea. 

For a step back in time, try a coffee in the Cafe de Place as you walk down to the town's entrance - a complete contrast to the commercial establishments within the old town.

The only downside of Saint Paul's is that it's not the easiest to reach because it's not accessible by rail, so the best way to get there from any major cities is through the Riviera. Take the train to Cagnes Sur Mer from any town on the Riviera. Exit the railway station, turn right and take a block or so along the road. 


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