Stroll around the Skopelos Village


AWAYN IMAGE Stroll around the Skopelos Village
AWAYN IMAGE Stroll around the Skopelos Village
AWAYN IMAGE Stroll around the Skopelos Village
AWAYN IMAGE Stroll around the Skopelos Village

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Skopelos locate in Greece is a gem in the Aegean sea. Skopelos is still an untouched beauty. It got famous after the release of the movie Mamma Mia! Skopelos Island is also the greenest island in Greece. It has less crowd compared to other destinations in Greece, therefore, its beaches and landscapes are still enchanting. The beaches have crystal clear blue water and pine trees. Skopelos is a magical island, once you reach here you feel a sense of tranquillity. 

This little town has a lot more things to offer. As you wander around the village you will find numerous religious sights. There are over 350 churches and chapels here. It’s a very quiet town as the population of this island is just 5000. Not being overpopulated makes the environment of this island quiet, relaxed and charming. 

Apart from churches Skopelos also has dozens of monasteries. There are over 120 of them. One of the popular monasteries is Zoodochos Pigi. Hunting is also prohibited in this area. The locals make sure to preserve the flora and fauna so that tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of this place. 

Another incredible place to visit here is the Agios Ioannis Chapel. There is also a stunning beach near this chappel. While to plan to walk to this chapel you can also take a walk around the beach. This beach is a main tourist spot during the summers. 

Mount Delphi is the highest peak of Skopelos. You will find Sedouki Rocky graves over here. As it's located at such a hight its quite difficult to reach here. You need to be a professional hiker to climb it. 

Skopelos also has a spectacular museum called Folk Art museum. It contains some traditional instruments and furniture. These depict the style and taste of the locals. 

When planning your next holiday to Greece try to include this untouched gem in your itinerary. 


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