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Stroll around the the Jardins de Laribal

Peaceful and sheltered, the park is made up of a series of gardens linked by narrow paths and stairways. The blend of sheltered trees, fountains, and water is reminiscent of the gardens of the Alhambra Palace in Granada.

Privately owned by Josep Laribal’s estate this park was opened in 1922, the Jardins de Laribal were some of the many gardens and buildings that served to decorate Montjuïc for the International Exhibition in 1929. Eventually, Barcelona’s city council purchased the land and commissioned the landscape designer and engineer Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier along with his assistant Nicolau M. Rubió Tudurí to develop this garden space.

Reaching over 5 hectares, from the Fundació Miró to the Jardins del Teatre Grec, the Jardins de Laribal are located in a steep area of Montjuïc, and for this reason, rather than posing as a problem Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier took the opportunity to incorporate many elegant steps as well as beautiful waterfalls, fully taking advantage of the nature of the area.

After several years during which the gardens were almost abandoned, some major renovation work was carried out to enhance and modernize them, making them now some of the most beautiful gardens not just in Montjuïc but in the whole of Barcelona.


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