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Hike in trail of Sturtevant Falls

Nice short hike. You'll see some camp grounds along the way. Eventually it ends at a small water fall. Very shallow. But a nice spot to picnic. Medium traffic, but pet friendly. For the average hiker, Sturtevant Falls Trail should be a pretty easy hike. There are several other trails you can take once down in the Flats. Those hikes can be quite a bit more strenuous. Going to the falls is pretty easy. It’s not as crowded as Eaton Canyon Falls. It’s just as beautiful though. You take a fire road most of the way until it breaks off on to an actual trail. Once on the trail, it is not very far until you reach the lower falls. It’s not deep enough to take a swim in. But it is a lovely cascading falls. Have to say the parking is terrible.


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