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Hike to Sulzenau Alm, Neustift im Stubaital

The waterfall is spectacular but needs to be part of the Wild Water Way experience. If you are energetic you walk up to the Sulzenau Alm and then start to follow the melt water from the glacier down, via a series of really good photo view points, to the Grawa waterfall and take time out on the large wooden viewing platform with all it's seating before a visit to the Grawa Alm for re fueling. At this point you can either hop on the bus and leave the rest of the walk for another day or continue down to enjoy all the other falls and ravines along the way. The walk divides nicely into stages with good access to the road and bus stops along the route. The paths down from the falls have been improved to give pram and wheelchair access but do need fit pushers. Using the talweg or the wald weg from the end of the Wild Water way you can keep on all the way to Neustift with plently of places for a drink or icecream on route. I have added a photo of one of the many falls along the way.


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