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Explore the enchanting Sumbawa Island's Mount Tambora

Mount Tambora is an incredible volcano on the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia. Once Mount Tambora rose 300 meters higher than the water level. The eruption of 1815, the most devastating volcanic eruption in recorded history, killed over a hundred individuals and caused a climate cooling in 1816, known as a year of no summer. Today, Mount Tambora stands at  722 meters and contains a  100 meter-deep crater.


Trekking Mount Tambora could be a once-a-lifespan experience. It's  an exhausting hike to the summit, however, not technically difficult, which means that the majority of individuals will accomplish this trek. The path is well maintained and mostly solid, and there's no ascension required. The trail leads mostly through lush and delightful timberland up to Pos Five. You reach the high upland with its wildflower vegetation when you finally reach the crater rim. Whoever isn't exhausted, however, will climb the summit of Mount Tambora.


Mount Tambora remains very little renowned with trekkers, though the hike is feasible for everybody and extremely rewardable. It's possible to hike up to the rim, descent into the crater, and climb up to the summit. Either way, this website delivers you all the knowledge you would like for your Mount Tambora trekking.


The purpose of this website is to market Mount Tambora. In April 2015, Mount Tambora Park was declared, and there are already efforts to increase the number of holidaymakers. This website cares about community development and aims to extend the quality of living of the native people.


Besides its hiking opportunities, Mount Tambora is a vicinity of archeological interest. The village kingdom of Tambora has been worn out by the 1815 eruption. Many artifacts have been found in recent years. Therefore, the wealthy findings indicate that there's far more waiting to be discovered in the area.


The Visit Tambora house is found on the Tambora coffee plantation compound at the Oi Pabir village. Oi Pabir is a fifteen-minute drive from the Pancasila village up the mountain. Your trekking to the summit of Mount Tambora can begin at the house, which makes it the perfect base for the night before and while you're trekking.


The house is within the thick of the lost kingdom of Tambora, which makes the situation and its surroundings terribly unique, and therefore, the space offers plenty to explore and try.


It offers comfort with a sense of home. The personal house stands within the Bali neighborhood, has two bedrooms with a Western bathroom and shower, a front room, and a coated terrace within the garden. Depending on reservations, we tend to use this house principally for couples and one family.



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