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Surf in Sunny Cove Beach

Dog and tourist-friendly, this strip of beach has fabulous surf to enjoy. The waves and vistas are a pleasure to experience. The cove has low sandstone bluffs on both sides. Beach access paths descend the bluff on each side. You can get to the beach from 16th Avenue, Johans Beach Drive, or Sunny Cove Drive. Unfortunately, the Live Oak area of Santa Cruz has a beach area parking program that requires a parking permit on weekends to avoid a costly citation.

 Remember that this beach is strictly for advanced surfers when it's on, the point will humble all but the best surfer, and one can only wonder what a guy like Mark Occhilupo would do here. 

Watch the locals, and you'll see what years of wiring a world-class wave will do for your surfing. If anything, it could be compared to a reversed version of Santa Barbara County's El Capitan, though not as fickle and much heavier.


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