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Surf in Safi beach, Essaouira

Safi is the city famous for its beaches in Morocco. Naming a few would be great to widen your choice:

The curse of this coastline, the debris of plastics washed ashore. 

A surfer who is the owner of Le Riad du Pecheur, is doing a great job of influencing the locals all around in clean-up operations to keep their beach tidy, but oh well it is an arduous struggle as the mentality isn’t sufficiently aware of the environment to protect it or to clean up after the litter had been tossed on to the beach, off cliff tops like the entire coastal strip between Safi and Essaouira. You can have the seaside local bus to witness the surf, the beautiful sea and shores going high and then the trash dispersed throughout the countryside and waterfront. Need for public awareness campaigns. Besides the litter spread, this place is all about surfing high in the ocean water. 

Lalla Fatna Beach: this beautiful hidden beach which lies between Safi and El Bedouzza is a must to surf around. There are enough parking lots available directly near the beach and even in the afternoon, the beach isn't crowded at all. The only negative thing you’ll come across is that the water will be incredibly cold but that's nothing, you could make the beach responsible for. All in all highly recommended to wander around and pour your heart out surfing on the edges of the waves in lala fatna.

In the evenings, the waves are often at best. Often the afternoons are quiet. Due to the better winds, the kite-and windsurfers will take over the evening. Safi is on the north side of Essaouira. It's a large and delicate beach break with strong and curly waves providing rocky slabs. A little swell to be inspected. It's al velocity and strength with large swells. Rivaling Jeffrey Bay in South Africa with tubing waves. A Quiksilver training camp can populate it.


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