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Sutro Baths Upper Trail in SF

Great place to take pictures with interesting backdrops. The cave is awesome and a little scary when the waves come crashing in. It's perfectly safe, just loud. You also get a different perspective of the Golden Gate Bridge. I missed the shipwreck debris that evidently can sometimes be seen if the tide is low. I read about it in the gift shop after hiking back up. First, lands-end is a beautiful and fun place to explore: Cliff house, Sutro gardens, Palace of Legion of Honor, military bunkers, etc. In the middle of it all, are the ruins of a former swimming complex that once adjoined the Cliff House Resort. To get to the ruins, you have to descend a long set of stairs. There is a ramp, but it is steep and hard on the knees. There isn't much of the physical structure remaining, except for the two main pools, which are filled with ugly stagnant water. But it's fun to walk on top of the barriers between the pools. There is also a platform on the cliffs above the pools that provide beautiful site-lines up and down the coast, including a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Point Bonita. Lastly, there is a man-made tunnel through the cliffs to the north of the pools that takes you to a sea-cave and the other side of the small point. There is a nice and relatively new visitor center on the south side of the site. The food at the adjacent Cliff House is fantastic, though can be pricey. Our kids loved hopping through the ruins and cave. We spent about 90 minutes there and had a great time.  


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