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Swim in Madison Blue Springs

Madison blue spring State Park is a Florida’s famous park which is situated at an approximation of 10 miles east of Madison consisting one of the states’ 33 first magnitude springs. Madison blue spring is known for its underwater caves and blue water. Madison blue spring park is an ethereal natural pool of blue water all surrounded by rocky bluffs. The spring is beautiful, has a lot to look at if you enjoy snorkeling and it is surrounded by a beautiful nature setting that leads out to the river. The water is a wonderful 72 degrees that feels great on a hot day, and it's beautifully crystal clear, too. You can snorkel around to see the spring head, a wonderful cypress root system that is down in the water, rocks, lots of fish, and more. You can even saw little turtles swimming right by your side. Many other activities can be performed in crystal clear blue water of famous Madison blue spring Sate Park naming a few is underlined below:

•Swimming in clear cool blue water:

A crystal clear haven reflecting the surrounded pines, this spot is indeed a tranquil. Swimmers can enter the water down the wooden steps deep in the spring to float and revel in the surrounding beauty.  The hole is about 82ft wide and 25ft deep and fed by a spring that bubbles through the limestone.

•Cliff diving from the rocky bluffs:

This natural spring is one of the best hidden gems in Florida. The water pool is crystal clear and best for the activities like scuba diving, swimming, cliff jumping etc. You might not found any real cliffs in Florida because there are no mountains and the beaches are flat. Nevertheless you can jump from a high place (not really a cliff) into fresh water at Blue Springs. 

•Great picnic spot for families:

There are three large picnic pavilions in the clear woods situated behind the spring which is great for people in groups (family). One can enjoy feasting while having a great view from the top s they provide the best perspectives down, across, and into the spring.

•Paddling; a great thing to pass time:

From the bluffs overlooking the Withlacoochee River, you can see the waters of the spring intermingling with the tannic waters of the river in the riffles across the rocks.

The Withlacoochee is known for its shoals and rapids. It meets the Suwannee River less than a dozen miles downriver from this park. One can have their small boats with them to witness around the scenic beauty and have a great peace of mind.


Note: There are restrooms and a place to change there, as well as some picnic tables. This spring is off the beaten path and kind of in the middle of a bunch of farms in Lee, Fla., but it is so worth the trek to get there! It's a state park, so the fee to enter was $5 per vehicle. Diving is also allowed there. You must be careful while walking with your children as there are not a lot of shallow places for them. Once you go further in steps the spring gets quite deep. 


Words of caution in planning: the bathroom facilities are usually locked around 6:30 P.M. and even though the park closes around 8 P.M.


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