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Swim in Parque de la Creueta del Coll


The extensive park, renowned for its immense public swimming pool, is girded by a lush landscape, mountains and decorated with works of arts.

This is one of the most famous urban recreational spaces in the city of Barcelona.  

At the center of the park, you will discover entertainment devices and playing areas for children and adults such as sandboxes, table tennis, a pedestrian trail to access the Park Güell from another hidden entrance. 

Right at the top, in the woods, there is a picnic area, decorated on one side by the green of the pine trees and, on the other, by plants that have steadily grown and added green color to the walls of the old El Coll quarry. 

A notable feature of the park is the presence of some palm trees on the small island sitting in the shallow bathing pool. This place is absolutely relaxing but remember that it is a perfect place for families with children and not necessarily for adults. 


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