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Swim in Pewaukee Lake Beach

Pewaukee is located in the Lake Country area of Waukesha County with an area in total of 54.96 km2 where 50.48 km2 covered by land. The name of the city comes from that of the name of the village. It is a very less populated city in Wisconsin, USA. The lake side beach here is open from Dawn to Dusk. The parks in the city invite children to come out and experience the parks at summer programs in June, July and August. The attractions include the highlights where you will find a scenic river mural, stone bridges, and large trees smothering an already narrow channel and giving this stretch an enclosed feeling.

Activities for families and youngsters: 

Swimming can be fun:

One can swim the lake from the sandy beach at Lakefront Park at Pewaukee Lake. The pretty icy water will leave you refresh by the beach side. People of every age are encouraged to swim into the scenic lake and not to worry because the fastest section with the most noteworthy rapids is located close to the mouth. The depth practically everything upstream of I-94 is easily navigable (and should be no matter how shallow it gets).  The one exception is a brief hundred-foot section on the west branch of the river, which is shallow.  Here you will find a visual marker which read 6 cm easing you with level of water passing by.


Picnics can be fun at lakeside beach. You might find eateries, refreshing treats and beach supplies just across the street. One can feast around having one of the most scenic sections of the river, with glacial erratic’s sprinkled throughout. 


The wilderness feeling wears away as you paddle across houses and trees recede into the distance and the trip for the next -4 miles flows through a pleasant cattail marsh. It is not a five-star area, but is attractive with many nice marsh plants.  Given the heavy urban development surrounding this watershed, having a chance to paddle through such a large, contiguous wilderness area is no less than a treat. 



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