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Swim with Manatees at Three Sisters Spring

Three Sisters Spring located on the Crystal River is a natural inlet on the eastern bank of Kings Bay in Florida. These three sister springs contain many sand boils and vents. It is a privately-owned territory. You can only enter the springs by swimming or through kayaks and canoes. One of the highlights of this explicitly scenic place is swimming with manatees. This is an experience like no other. A great number of tourists come here to share their swimming experience with manatees.

The best time to visit Three Sisters Springs is during the winters. A hundred of adorable manatees flock the springs in the cooler months of the year. However, the primeval springs remain open for both snorkelling and kayaking between April 1 and November 14. As soon as winter sets in, you are only allowed for snorkeling from 15th November up to 31st March.

The springs have incredibly transparent water and are a lush wetland. It is a prime spot for manatee viewing and also you can go swimming with the sea cows. It has the highest attentiveness of manatees universally. In other words, you are sure to see as well closely observe their home environment. Over 600 manatees swim in peace in these waters every year.

There is a special area claimed as the sanctuaries for manatees, where no human interference is allowed. You must be careful with the instructions. Moreover, the sight of a manatee sleeping on the sandy bed or a group of them moving in sync is a treat to the eyes. 

If you want to make the most of your trip, make sure to rent a kayak. A rented kayak lets you explore the extravagant and lust spring pool at your own pace. You can swim to your heart's content with the adorable sea creatures. Swimming with manatees at the Three Sisters Springs is a certain delight. 



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