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Swimg in blue waters of Lagunas Escondidas de Baltinache

A few kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama are hidden 7 lagoons that amaze everyone who comes to know them. Baltinache is part of these scenic beauties, it is characterized by its transparent waters, with great concentrations of salt, producing the same gravitational effect of the Cejar lagoon, which will allow you to enjoy a relaxing bath, to float in its waters, enjoying the beauty of the landscape.  Following the route that connects San Pedro de Atacama with Calama, you will find the route that leads from the plain of patience to the first entrance of the Moon Valley after about 25 km, in the middle of salt mountain range, you can find a group of 7 wonderful saltwater lagoons, also known as Hidden lagoons. 

Getting to these lagoons are quite difficult so you should probably pick a local a guide or tour.  Wear comfortable closed shoes for the 20-minute walk. Also, carry slippers that you can wear to enter the Laguna - else walking on the salt crystals to enter the Laguna can hurt. Bring something to eat and drink and enjoy the stay in a nice picnic area. 



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