Swing at the End of the World


AWAYN IMAGE Swing at the End of the World
AWAYN IMAGE Swing at the End of the World
AWAYN IMAGE Swing at the End of the World

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The Swing at the end of the world in the hills close Baños, Ecuador, is a breathtaking little treasure. Hanging from a treehouse called Casa del Arbol, the high-flying rope swing beckons every wanderlust-y soul to come and take their life's journey.

The "Swing at the World's End " La Casa del Arbol " isn't an experience you're likely to have elsewhere. I would recommend taking a taxi from Banos because it's a very high mountain a long way up. You get to the top and on the edge of a cliff there is a small treehouse. A swing on which you can swing over the edge and back is attached to the treehouse by a pole. Assuming that you are not afraid of the heights or the possibility of breaking the rope and that you care about 2,000 feet above the precipice, this is an unusually serene experience. The view is amazing. Riding the swing per se is no fee, but there is a tip jar to which you are urged to contribute. 

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