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Walk along the giant sculptures of Ta Prohm Temple

The ancient history of the temple plays a major role in the reassembly works on the gallery. The stones recycled on this area of the monument in the 16th century, when the reclining Buddha was built, complicate the restoration procedure for this portion. 

Ta Prohm has been swallowed by the jungle and looks very much the way most of the monuments of Angkor appeared when European explorers first stumbled upon them. Ta Som, which positions to the east of Preah Neak Poan, is solitary the late-12th-century Buddhist temples. The smaller temple of Neak Poan should be visited before enjoying sunset at Preah Khan as it is a huge, highly recommended to explore monastic complex full of carvings, passages and photo opportunities. It originally served as a Buddhist monastery and school, engaging over 1,000 monks. 

Ta Prohm should be visited either in the afternoon or the early morning and crossed from west to east conferring to the travel plan that has been traced by the travelers. This preventive measure will avert the visitor with limited time from becoming puzzled, due to the relative simplicity of a marked route. In contrast, those who wish to spend several hours exploring the monument will find here the potential for an adventure but without danger of ever getting lost, subsequently the main axis is visibly defined from place to place by an uninterrupted line of rooms and porches, almost always made inaccessible by their collapse but providing nevertheless a good point of reference. We would advise, however, not to wander but with extreme caution in the areas of decomposing vaulted galleries secluded from the normally frequented passageways.

Finding oneself in the large courtyard of the third enclosure in front of a lone sanctuary tower, one turns left towards the north to take a look at the small group of structures with a surrounding gallery and central tower which is symmetrical to the one already encountered on the south side of the main axis. 

In the north-west corner, one can see a curious freak of nature a tree, having dislodged the stone pillars, has substituted instead one of its roots which supports the whole weight of the galleries architrave. Fleeting from this unfortunately badly ruined crossing walkway from end to end; one arrives at the striking eastern gopura of the fourth enclosure. Cruciform in plan with interior pillars, four wings and two lateral passageways, the massive overlaying stone at the crossing of the roof domes has fallen to the ground where it still lies intact.


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