Take a photo with Lotus gate in City Palace


AWAYN IMAGE Take a photo with Lotus gate in City Palace
AWAYN IMAGE Take a photo with Lotus gate in City Palace
AWAYN IMAGE Take a photo with Lotus gate in City Palace

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The town palace is one of Pink City's most popular sites. The royal family resided in the town palace for several centuries. It depicts the architecture of the royal families and their traditions. It is one of Jaipur's most frequented tourist sites because it is situated in the core of Jaipur's ancient town and encompasses approximately the seventh part of the town. A combination of the Mughal and Rajastan tradition is displayed at the city palace. In the northeast the Lotus Gate is decorated with spectacular petals and motifs of the flowers. It is Lord Shiva and the winter.

The religious connections are provided by every door of the Ridhi Sidhi Pol, and this means that the people have confidence in their region. This provides India the core of medieval life. This door is a fine example of how the life of Rajputs is shown in detail in every scenario.

The peacocks function as a sentries at the primary door, beautifully built and painted and surround the sculpture of God, which is produced between lotus petals and beautifully adorned with cloth displays. The Ganesh Pol lies on the center of the western wall of the courtyard and leads us through Peacock Gate to Pritam Niwas Chowk.

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