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Take a picture with Lands End Labyrinth

Hidden along the Coastal Trail at Eagle's Point is a labyrinth designed by a local artist. 

San Francisco artist Eduardo Aguilera was inspired by studying historic labyrinths, which later inspired him to create his version close to the edge of the rocky shoreline of Land’s End.

Aguilera’s creation is constructed simply of a stone outline following the classic seven-circuit Chartres labyrinth. 

Hiking from the lands end to cliff house, with stop fir Sutro Baths is a great way to appreciate wilds if San Francisco. 

You can go as far as you want, have a nice meal or enjoy picnic-or snacks You can stay on cliffs or take sandy stairs down. Take left at crossroads— no sign. 

Great view of city & inspiring maze. Overall a great hike and you can decide how long or short you want the trail to be.


There is a great parking lot so don't have to stress over street parking.



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