Take the most epic picture in Nasir Palace of Alhambra


AWAYN IMAGE Take the most epic picture in Nasir Palace of Alhambra
AWAYN IMAGE Take the most epic picture in Nasir Palace of Alhambra
AWAYN IMAGE Take the most epic picture in Nasir Palace of Alhambra

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Without strolling the premises of that magical palace, the last Moorish stand against Christian Spain, no trip to Andalucia is entirely complete. The Alhambra, a lovely city in Andalusia, is situated in Granada, Spain. Since in the summer south of Spain sparks up, planning for the winter vacation is much easier. The temperatures are moderate and ideal for outdoor walks.

The key element when booking your tickets for the Alhambra is to buy a time slot for reaching the Nasrid palaces. Don't leave out of this additional entry charge; many of the famous elements of the Alhambra are in the Nasrid Palaces (Nazarid Dynasty). The best slot to get there is at 8:30AM at the ned of the summer. That implies that the only individuals in the palace will be you 

You are told that you have only half an hour for the entire tour, but this requirement is not enforced by anyone. So individuals from 8:30AM are still there if you register at 09:00 or later. 

The sun in Granada rises around 8AM in summer, the finest light for taking pictures of the palace. The soft light can pass through the information.

The other advantage of an early beginning is that the Alhambra only becomes more busy with the day. When you reach Granada, take your tickets in advance to the alhambra bookshop in downtown Granada. You have to bring your passes by credit card and on the day of your visit you can not receive your tickets at the primary door! That's another reason to come in advance the evening. You don't want to get your tickets off your Nasrid Palaces slot to get stuck outside the bookstore.


I recommend taking a cab from downtown Granada to simply join the Alhambra. We lasted only about 5 Euro (Take the driver to Las taquillas de la Alhambra) and only about 5 minutes to reach the primary door to the hotel.

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