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Explore the Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Rice Terrace is one of the nature views most people love to see especially when they visit Ubud. Tegalalang rice fields is a series of rice paddies located close to Ubud, in the center of Bali, famous for its terraced layout. This is a traditional Balinese irrigation system known as "Subak". Positioned in a valley the Tegalalang rice terraces offer extremely scenic lookouts over the rice fields and surrounding green landscape. It’s a very popular tourist hotspot in Bali and a must-see in many Bali itineraries.

The Tegalalang rice terrace is a short 20-minute drive north of Ubud. The road is mostly straight and they’re pretty easy to reach if you have your own scooter or car and want to drive there alone. There is a big parking area close to the rice paddies where you can drop your vehicle for a small fee (around 10,000 IDR). If you plan on getting a taxi just make sure you agree on the price before getting in the car.

Make sure you have the best sturdy shoes on since they might get stuck in the mud, and the steps are very, very steep, and some parts are just mud steps, so you need to be fit and mobile to get about. All in all, it is a pleasant hour out, but don’t set aside much more than 2 hours for this attraction as it’s not huge, and apart from the swing and restaurant, there’s nothing else to do alone from walk and admire the views.


Tip: if you go early, you don’t have to pay the “entry fee.”


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