Teigarhorn Natural Monument and Nature Preserve


AWAYN IMAGE Teigarhorn Natural Monument and Nature Preserve
AWAYN IMAGE Teigarhorn Natural Monument and Nature Preserve
AWAYN IMAGE Teigarhorn Natural Monument and Nature Preserve

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Teigarhorn farm in Djupavogshreppur is one of the most renowned zeolites’ spot in the world, as natural conditions provide exceptional opportunities to examine and study the formation, type and chemistry of the zeolites. It's renowned for its zeolite crystals, and the free museum is open from 1pm to 3pm.  The farm has also developed lovely short walking trails around its coast, good for a leg-stretch and birdwatching. According to "https://teigarhorn.is/en/" The old house at Teigarhorn was built in 1880-1882 by Niels Weywadt (1814-1883), director of the Ørum and Wulff enterprise at Djúpivogur. He came to Iceland around, 1840, married a Danish woman and they had 14 children. Second eldest of the couple´s children was Nicoline (1848-1921), who studied photography and mineralogy in Copenhagen. She managed the farm after her father´s death and built a photographic workroom onto the house. There she worked for a time with her cousin, Hansína Regína Björnsdóttir (1884-1973). Nicoline Weywadt was one of the finest photographers in Iceland. The house was originally clad with tar paper, which was highly unusual at this time in Iceland. The last inhabitants moved out in 1988, and since 1992 the house has been part of the National museum historic buildings collection.   I highly recommend visiting this places in the summer.

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