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Stroll around the Terracina Town

This town lies in the central south of Italy, on Gulf Gaeta in the foot of Ausoni mountains, at southeast Rome. Terracina passed Roman rule in 400 BC, while being originated as Anxur of Volsci tribe.

Being a major city in Appian Way, the place has survived to be a resort, as evident through the remains of baths, temples, theatres, villas and forums of Tiberius emperors, Vitellius and Galba.

The ruins of a temple from Jupiter Anxur have been dominating this town. The San Cesareo cathedra has been built on ancient Rome and Augustus temple that can be observed from outer side to the walls.

The modern town, contains a museum, town hall of year 1958 and municipal parks which it conducts various market value activities such as food preserving, fishing and manufacture of electronics and floor coverings.


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