Territorio de Zaguates


AWAYN IMAGE Territorio de Zaguates
AWAYN IMAGE Territorio de Zaguates
AWAYN IMAGE Territorio de Zaguates
AWAYN IMAGE Territorio de Zaguates

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Waterberg offers various campsites and lodges to stay at, which all have access to the Waterberg trails. The park is 405 square kilometers, and the top of the plateau is 1700 meters above sea level!  you just have to be prepared for many different terrains such as swampy Marsh, boulders, rickety bridges, forest, and so much more. Once you arrive at the face of the plateau, you will have to climb over boulders and up the abyss of the mountain to reach the top. It's not easy, but it's an experience, to say the least. Once you get to the top of this mountain, you overlook the entire park, the plains of the Kalahari.

This national park is aslo a home to many wild animals! If you ever come across a few animals don't feed them!  They will keep to themselves if you leave them alone but if you make them feel threatened, they will become vicious very fast.  Remeber that all the animals are protected from hunters, so if you see a rhino you will notice it's horns are cut off... this is to prevent them from being killed adn awayy from hunters . 

On a side note, through all the lodges you can sign up for a safari, and they will actually take you to the top of the plateau, further back to the water holes to fond animals such as giraffes, rhinos, water buffalo, leopards, etc.  


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