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The Beautiful World Heritage Site of Safranbolu

Safranbolu is an Ottoman village declared world heritage by UNESCO. You cannot leave Turkey without visiting it. And that's why tourists from various parts of the world go there. Well, it is not for less! All the houses of the town have their charm, which is more beautiful than the previous one. Architecturally they can have very different styles, but all are integrated in perfect harmony.

A council: the best way to visit the town is to get lost in its streets and move forward randomly or follow a specific direction. And, if you see something that catches your attention, don't hesitate and come closer. 

As always, the center is more touristy than the rest of the town. Anyway, it is worth taking a walk there. There are very curious things, such as a 17th-century arasta and a gigantic caravan of the same era, now converted into a hotel. An arasta is a set of bazaars stuck with each other, near a mosque. A caravan was formerly a caravan shelter. If you move away a little from the center, you find a village atmosphere, much more authentic and quiet. The neighborhoods are very quiet, apart from the joyful bustle of certain souvenir shops or markets: silk scarves reminiscent of caravans, soaps and perfumes near Turkish baths, saffron stalls or even crafts offered by families of blacksmiths. Here, everything is a matter of heritage, transmitted to the children from generation to generation, whether architectural, cultural or an ancestral "know-how."

If you get to communicate with its inhabitants, they will gladly tell you the history of their houses: some buildings have been proudly occupied for more than 300 years by the same family.


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