The colorful beauty of Symi Harbour


AWAYN IMAGE The colorful beauty of Symi Harbour
AWAYN IMAGE The colorful beauty of Symi Harbour
AWAYN IMAGE The colorful beauty of Symi Harbour
AWAYN IMAGE The colorful beauty of Symi Harbour
AWAYN IMAGE The colorful beauty of Symi Harbour

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Symi is a gorgeous island near the Turkish border, but it belongs to Greece. It is a perfect place for a laidback holiday for everyone trying to escape the noise of the more popular islands like Mykonos or Zakynthos. Symi Harbour is a hidden treat for the hungry tourist eyes looking for a gem that only the local people know about. 

The reason for its secret nature is not only the remote location of the island but also the challenging accessibility. You can only visit Symi by a ferry from Rodos island. 

The island is home to the charming Symi Harbour, a tiny village dotted with colorful houses. These neoclassical buildings host tavernas and cafes where visitors can spend unforgettable moments after exploring the island. 

The island itself is dry and rocky, with mountains backing the beautiful harbor. Some of the most spectacular features of Symi are its gorgeous beaches that will satisfy every type of traveler. Whether you prefer pebbles or sand, Symi has it all. Have in mind that all the beaches are reachable only by boats, leaving frequently from the harbor. 

If you are not into laying on the beach all day, you can visit some of the land beauties of Symi, and climb the 500-step stairway. Then, check out the ancient monastery of Archangel Michael of Panormitis, and learn more about the religious history of this Greek marvel. After exploring Symi Harbour, you can spend a day visiting the stunning villages of Kali Strata and Pedi. 

Symi Harbour offers authentic accommodation at affordable prices. It is also one of the best islands to try delicious Greek dishes with some Turkish flavors. 

The people on Symi are friendly and always willing to help the confused tourists, so if you ever visit, make sure you leave good tips and smile back.


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