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Visit Creepiest Place in Philadelphia Eastern State Penitentiary

Opened in 1829 and  closed on 1971, during its nearly 150 years of operation, this prison housed 75,000 prisoners. It was reclaimed by nature after it was closed until it was finally reopened in 1994 for public tours. While tourists fill their halls now, the echoes of the criminals who spent their lives here are still reverberating through the walls, and there are many who say that some of them have never left.Not expensive at all. Buy tickets on line and save $2 on each admission. Audio comes with to guide you around. Dont miss the hospital section and Capone's cell. Can do the whole thing in 2 hours. If you’re hot and really need a break, when you make it to “The Surveillance Hub” in the center, ask the staff member stationed there to point you to the Recharge Station. It’s a nice, little, private room with chairs, strong a/c, free wifi and a (free) charging tower for phones. 


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