Walk The Dachstein Skywalk


AWAYN IMAGE Walk The Dachstein Skywalk
AWAYN IMAGE Walk The Dachstein Skywalk
AWAYN IMAGE Walk The Dachstein Skywalk
AWAYN IMAGE Walk The Dachstein Skywalk

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The Dachstein is a 20 x 30 km limestone massif in the Northern Calcareous Alps, in Austria. The summit is at 3,000 m (although different maps invariably quote 2,997 - 3,003 m), with dozens of other peaks above 2,500 m. The Dachstein is situated on the border between Upper Austria (Oberösterreich) and Styria (Steiermark). Parts of the massif also lie within Salzburg state.

The Dachstein massif is most famous for its massive glaciers, which flow from south to north towards the Hallstatt and Gosau valleys. It is also renowned for large cave systems, including an ice cave, accessible from the northern side of the mountain (Obertraun and Hallstatt).


The Dachstein Sky Walk is perfectly safe, maybe with a few thrills-but don't worry. There is a circular path around the Dachstein glacier cable car hill station next to the viewing platform. This provides the most beautiful opinions of the Dachstein's remarkable south face and the most beautiful Alpine peaks.

 Make sure you're going to be a beautiful day, but even then the mist and clouds can roll in. Not part of the Summer Card, so there is an extra charge for using the walk. So if you're also paying for the cable car (maybe the top toll road) plus this attraction, it ends up being quite costly, more so if you're a family group. 

The snow covered path to the gate was a bit tricky the day I went (closing the moving walkway), so it wasn't appropriate for everyone.

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