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The emerald beauty of Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge walk is a beautiful and paved pathway through the stunning nature of Ubud, Bali. Unlike the other walks with vistas limited to only rice fields and terraces, Campuhan Ridge offers lush jungles and forests that will take your breath away. The walk takes only two hours back and forth, so even if you are not in the best physical shape, don't worry. 

Campuhan Ridge rewards visitors with exquisite vistas of green hills and centennial trees, and if you want to make the best of your walk, make sure you start at sunrise. Any local you ask will advise you to go as early as possible, as the Ridge is exposed to weather changes, and as soon as the sun shows up, it becomes impossible to enjoy. However, if you manage to do the walk between 6 AM and 8 AM, you'll be ok. Bring a lot of water if you not used to heat, and a camera to capture all the natural beauties that surround the path. 

To get to Campuhan Ridge walk, you can just start from Ubud Traditional Markets towards the bridge, and then follow a sign that says “Going To The Hill”. From there you should walk around the walls of Pura Gunung Lebah Temple, a beautiful example of Balinese culture. Finally, you'll reach the Campuhan Ridge walk, and when done, you can have a refreshing drink at Karsa Kafe. This place offers local cuisine specialties that you can enjoy on a platform over ponds full of lotus flowers. 

When feeling ready, you can walk back the same way, but remember not to walk during mid-day. 

Bali is one of the most exotic countries in the world, and if you ever come to Ubud, you must do the Campuhan Ridge Walk. Good luck! 



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