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The Giant Panda Sanctuary 四川大熊貓棲息地

Sichuan is the fourth most populous province in China. it is mainly known throughout the world as the homeland of pandas, which find their natural habitat here, and a particular quality of pepper. In reality, Sichuan preserves an immense artistic, historical and cultural heritage; landscapes of rare beauty, among the most fabulous in China; sacred mountains; millenary temples and tasty and spicy cuisine. In recent years, Sichuan and especially Chengdu, the regional capital, are experiencing a booming economic, commercial and tourist boom that has led them to be an important center of technological innovation and a top-level tourist destination.Say Sichuan and immediately everyone thinks of the Giant Pandas, in fact, this tender animal represents the main attraction of the region.  No coincidence that the new tourist logo of Sichuan is represented by an icon that contains the transcription of the word "Sichuan" in colorful Latin characters that form the figure of a panda.

The Panda, an animal at risk of extinction due to the drastic reduction of bamboo forests which is its main food, finds its natural habitat in Sichuan and that is why the region is the seat of many reserves dedicated to pandas.

A few miles from Chengdu is the Bifengxia Giant Pandas Research and Reproduction Center, where you can admire these beautiful animals. The Reserve was created for the defense, protection, and care of the giant panda and hosts several dozen.



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