The Hidden beauty of Basilica Cisterns of Istanbul


AWAYN IMAGE The Hidden beauty of Basilica Cisterns of Istanbul
AWAYN IMAGE The Hidden beauty of Basilica Cisterns of Istanbul
AWAYN IMAGE The Hidden beauty of Basilica Cisterns of Istanbul
AWAYN IMAGE The Hidden beauty of Basilica Cisterns of Istanbul

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Among various places to visit in Istanbul, Basilica Cisterns is one of the major tourist attractions. People from various parts of the world come to visit this place. 

The Basilica Cistern may be a hidden treasure to envision on a visit to the metropolis. And it's not precisely at a glance: it's an imposing 1,500-year-old engineering work that, as if that weren't enough, resembles an underground palace. 

It is a storage tank inbuilt the Byzantine era. To sustain a storage tank capable of activity a part of the consumption of one of the biggest cities within the world at that point, it had been necessary to think about a fancy structure, additionally to being resistant. That is what dazzles you once visiting the Basilica Cistern.

This vast cistern was designed in such some way that its look makes it kind of like a palace.

In this imperial capital town, everything was thought and drained an enormous means. The curiosity is that to support the structure of the cistern, a variety of columns were used. And, plenty of those columns were recycled and extracted from ancient temples of pagan cults, that was deprecated with the implantation of Christianity.

It is to be imaginary that at that point the water was decent over precious and indispensable to sustain the life of an excellent town as Istanbul was. However, it had been not solely concerning having water reserves for follow-up times, additionally a shelter for times once the town suffered an encirclement.

The Cistern is made within the years 527 to 565 throughout the reign of Emperor Justinian I. Tourist who come here get a sense of enchantment and historical touch. The vision and architecture with which this attraction has been constructed is beautiful. 


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