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Explore around The Jiuzhaigou Valley

Are there enchanted places on this earth of ours? There is no doubt since the Jiuzhaigou Valley is certainly one of them. With its dreamlike landscapes and its corners of pure purity, the Jiuzhaigou Valley does not fear rivals and presents itself to travelers in all its dreamlike eloquence.

The Jiuzhaigou Valley is located in Nanping Prefecture, 450 km north of the city of Chengdu. The name "Jiuzhaigou" (meaning "Valley of the Nine Villages") originates from the presence, within the area, of villages inhabited by Tibetan ethnic people, which have always considered the rivers and the mountains of the sacred area. Thanks to the abundance of waterways, lakes, waterfalls and local species of flora and fauna, in 1997 the whole area was awarded UNESCO with the title of Man and Biosphere Reserve, and in 1992 it became part of the list of world heritage to be safeguarded. Over the years it has received many other prizes and awards, such as that of AAAA National Geological Park, recognized by the Chinese authorities, and that of Green Globe 21.

It is a masterpiece of nature! The Jiuzhaigou Valley presents a rich and varied landscape: crystal-clear lakes, verdant forests and snow-capped mountains. The local customs of the Tibetan people and the Qiang people contribute to giving the place a magical atmosphere.

Legend has it that, in the distant past, the god of the mountain, Dago, had fallen madly in love with the goddess Semo and given her a mirror made of wind and clouds. But their love was disturbed by the presence of a demon. Semo inadvertently broke the mirror. It shattered into 108 pieces, which, falling on the Earth, turned into the colorful lakes of the Jiuzhaigou Valley, also called "Haizi" ("Sons of the Sea") by the local people.

This region covers an area of over 600 km². The Shuzheng Valley, the Rize Valley, and the Zechawa Valley are the main tourist areas in the area; however, splendid sceneries are also offered by the stupendous waterfall of the Panda Lake, the highest in the whole valley, which, during the cold winter months, offers visitors its enchanted ice landscape. We also remember the Perle beach, made up of calcareous sediments, as well as the Bamboo Freccia Lake, where the plant from which the lake takes its name, a plant whose pandas are fond of, grows luxuriantly. Finally, we mention the Swan Lake, populated by these splendid and elegant birds.




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