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the Lion of Belfort

The huge Belfort Lion has been serving as a symbol of pride and message of French resistance against the Prussian forces. This lies at the foot of citadel at Belfort in France, with its construction been completed in the year 1880. This giant lion honors French confrontation for the invading Prussian forces who were greatly large in number. These Prussian forces attacked Belfort city in the 1870s for around 103 days, being composed of a strong army of 40,000 men who were to fight against only 17,000 of the French personnel. The huge and massive lion structure was built later in less than a year period to honor this great victory. Be prepared to spend a half day walking the remarkably intact ramparts by Vauban, and others and enjoy some spectacular views.  Wear flats and carry water.  There are plenty of restaurants nearby to stop for lunch or a cold drink.


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