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The magical beauty of Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi Beach in west Crete is pure magic. An endless stretch of white and pink sand perfect for people with a unique vacation taste. Elafonisi is one of those places that you have to see to believe it. It consists of a tiny inlet that forms a lagoon with crystal clear waters that are beyond pleasant for swimming during the summer and autumn months. This is a protected area that looks like how we imagine paradise, but with beach beds and umbrellas. 

Most of the swimming activities occur in the part of the sea between the mainland and the island, a place perfect for family fun and little children. 

If you prefer to swim with your significant other at sunset, then I suggest you move towards the tip of the inlet where you can find a lot of secluded spots just for yourself. The beach is a mile long, so there is plenty of spots to explore while here. If you ever visit Elafonisi, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Chrysoskalitisa monastery, only 3 miles away from Elafonisi. 

The monastery was built on a high rock, so it resembles a fortress from a distance. According to a local legend, the last step of the staircase is made of pure gold, but only the ones who believe in God can see it. Whether you see the golden step or not, this beautiful place is worth the visit. Not to mention the spectacular sunsets that you can share with your loved ones from the monastery, and also from the tip of the inlet. 

Elafonisi Beach is definitely one of the most precious places in Greece, a true gem that will leave you breathless, and make you want to stay there forever. Or at least, visit again.



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