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The Navigators ( Recycled Kinetic Machine )

London is a great city bursting with all forms of art that will feed your eyes and your soul. Some of the most spectacular art pieces call this beautiful city home, standing in front of the punches of time and of course, in front of the visitors' curious eyes and photo cameras. One of those masterpieces in every sense of the word is the ingenious bronze statue, The Navigators. Installed in 1987 and designed by David Kemp, The Navigators is a 60-foot sculpture with face of a man and body of a ship. Kemp is a British artist who lives in West Cornwall on the Atlantic Ocean and is famous for building gigantic sculptures from recycled materials. 

The Navigators is not just another sculpture that you can stare at, but it is also a kinetic machine. As his first large installation, this unique sculpture helped the artist gain his fame and credibility in the artistic circles of Britain. 

The glass-roof building where the sculpture stands today was a brewery before World War I, and it got completely destroyed after the bombings. As the building has a great location sitting on Themes River, it was always a popular shipping and trading spot. 

After World War II and even until the 1960s, the building was a total mess and fully abandoned, until it finally got repaired in 1980s and crowned with Kemp's magnificent work of art. 

If you are a creative person yourself, then you will surely enjoy spending some time exploring every single detail that makes The Navigators a complex and breathtaking installation, created of recycled pieces that function perfectly together. 

If you ever come to London and you are seeking for unusual art designs that resemble Sci-Fi movie characters, then the Navigators should be your number one choice. Good luck on your fantasy trip!


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