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The Pamead shipwreck- Sandy Ground

Anguilla's tiny island is one of those places you'd sail past without even realizing if you didn't know it existed. But for those who know the greatness of what lies beneath the surface of its shores, Anguilla is the ideal location for wreck diving enthusiasts. Several large ships are just underwater, although all the locations in Anguilla's underwater graveyard are not accessible to divers as they lie far too deep or have been lost over the years. There are eight wrecks worth exploring if you take a visit to this northernmost of the Leeward Islands to learn a little about the history of the mighty wrath of the sea.

Sandy Ground is one of my favorite beaches in Anguilla.

The soil strip between the salt pond and the bay is called Sandy Ground. "Sandy Ground" is used more frequently than the name of the bay it sits on-Road Bay.

But why is it one of my favorite beaches in Anguilla?

It is calm and surrounded by the beautiful north and south hills (including the villages of North Hill and South Hill). It's historic. It's eclectic, beautiful, friendly and unique. 

WHAT TO DO IN ST. MAARTEN: Ramble on the waterfront of Philipsburg. Spend an evening on its long white sand beach, indulge in duty-free shopping, walk through the many distinctive shops and rent a beach chair[typically served with a bucket of ice-cold Heineken].  

Increase your heart rate through an exciting water-based activity. Parasailing, sailboat race, and banana boat are some of the most popular operations. Ziplining on the' Flying Dutchman' and gondola sightseeing on the' Sky Explorer' are great options for those who want to stay on land.    



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