Hiking in The Provençal Colorado


AWAYN IMAGE Hiking in The Provençal Colorado
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking in The Provençal Colorado
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking in The Provençal Colorado
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking in The Provençal Colorado

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Walking in strange desert scenery in former ocher-mining quarries with yellow & red rock formations is an incredible experience. 

While Southern France is well characterized by its colorful streets, delicious foods and fantastic beach, arriving at Colorado Provencal' which is just a few minutes away from the medieval villages and abbeys of the 12th century will suddenly transforms you into 

To hike in this area you have two options to choose from. Le Sahara and Les Belvédères. Both take circular routes that are easy to do and both give you some incredible views. Although there are trees in the area with dirt paths, the ground is primarily sand and ochre.

The Le Sahara path begins at the same point as the path for Les Belvédères,and then continues through the forest. When you arrive at Le Sahara you are given several hills entirely covered with sand and ochre. 

After checking out the Le Sahara area you can continue on the ochre trail. You are eventually presented with scenic views of Les Chiminées des Fées (The Chimneys Of The Fairies) and the surrounding valley.  The path continues with Le Desert Blanc and Couloubrier.

 The entrance fee for a car is 5 euros which is very reasonable and you get a map to follow the 2 walking trails. It can be quite hot in the open areas on a sunny day, but the walk takes you through shady woodland as well. The end of the long walk is a bit steep and rocky so good walking shoes are best. 

Allow the longer walk for about 2 hours. There is a lovely little cafe for drinks and ice cream on the site, which was very welcome. 

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