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The Route of the Faces, Spain – the most spectacular hike in the world

La Ruta de las Caras or The Route of the Faces is an extraordinary part of the hiking trail network at Buendia swamps. Buendia swamps are abundant in pine tree forests and sandstone rocks, where various sculptors carved 18 faces in the natural surroundings. The faces look like they are part of the rocks, and their sizes vary between 1 and 8 feet. 

The Route of the Faces is a type of modern museum that doesn't require a typical building but uses the forest and its pathways instead. Art lovers from all over the world come to admire this spectacular hiking trail that is not only impressive for the viewers but the artists as well. 

Integrating human form sculptures in natural settings (sandstone) only confirms the power and the ancient beat of humans' artistic nature and the need for leaving a legacy behind. 

Buendia is located in Cuenca province near Madrid in Spain. This location already had scenic hiking trails that people were visiting, but after carving the faces in the rocks, the entire area gained completely new value. The mixture of art and nature is the best possible way to attract people to the forest and inspire their active living out of crowded cities. 

Buendia swamps offer trails for all hiking levels, including small children. For the advanced ones, there are exciting opportunities like sailing, jet skis, motorboats, and fishing in the Sea of Castile, a lake that in times of drought looks like a swamp. 

Hiking among these faces is probably one of the most picturesque experiences that you can live in this area, so if you ever come to Spain, don't miss the Route. 

Tip: Don't forget to bring your camera! 



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